What is a fund?

A fund is a combination of candidates or organizations that are doing important work to solve a particular problem. When money is contributed to a fund, the total amount is equally split among the candidates or organizations in that fund. All of the funds created on our platform are related to solving a problem. We separate political organizations and nonprofits into separate funds.

Do you charge fees?

Yes. Let’s say you give $10.00 to an organization. We charge the organization a 3.95% as a vendor fee - so your contribution is $10.00 and they pay us 39 cents as a vendor fee for getting a contribution through our platform. The fee we charge them is equal to the lowest fee in the industry and helps us cover our costs. We also charge you 2%. This means that when you donate $10.00 to an organiztion, your credit card charge will be $10.20, which reflects the 2% fee charged to you. We’re an early stage startup, so we need this small revenue stream for now. We think it’s better to pass this on to you than the organization you’re trying to give money to. However, as we grow, we hope to eliminate this fee all together.

How does money get distributed to recipients of funds?

When you contribute to a fund, the money is split between recipients of that fund based on what you chose at checkout. We give that money directly to them using Stripe as our payment processor.

Are my contributions tax deductible?

Any part of your contribution that goes to a 501(c)3 organization is tax deductible.

I have additional questions.

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